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Berea, SC Pest Control

Reliable Pest Control Services In Berea, South Carolina

In Berea, we believe in mountain views and hometown values. Our tight-knit community is surrounded by the gorgeous peaks of the Upstate region and filled with hard-working folks who go the extra mile for their neighbors. We stick together and do our best to provide a better life for our family.

At PinPoint Pest Solutions, we’ve got those hometown values, too. With complete pest control services for your home, we will get rid of nuisance pests so you can get back to living a better life.  

Our residential pest control services treat your property for the pests you have now and protect against invasive pests in the future. When one of our professional technicians comes to your home, they will treat for multiple pests including ants, stinging insects, and spiders with targeted treatments available.

For help with all of your pest problems in Berea, SC, call the experts at PinPoint Pest Solutions for a free quote. Our services are guaranteed, and if your pests come back, so will we.

Residential Pest Control In Berea, SC

berea sc home pest control

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. So, we create one-of-a-kind plans for your one-of-a-kind situation. Our professional technicians will talk with you to customize your home pest control plan to your particular needs.

What Makes PinPoint Pest Solutions Different?

Every day, we at PinPoint Pest Solutions work to improve our community by eliminating the nuisance pests that disrupt people’s lives. For mosquitoes, termites, or anything in between, you can trust our expert team to solve your problems.  

With our Home Protection Program, your property will be guarded against troublesome pests. Our technicians will apply comprehensive treatment to the exterior of your home and perform specialized treatments for particular pests on your property.

When you choose our Home Protection Program, here what you can expect:

  • Consultation – Before we begin, we’ll listen to your problems and concerns and evaluate your property for any pest activity.
  • General Treatment – We perform quarterly services to protect your home from common pests with comprehensive treatment to the exterior of your property.
  • Targeted Treatment – If you’re experiencing trouble with termites, mosquitoes, or outdoor pests, we can service your property with a specialized treatment along with our general quarterly treatment.
  • Service Guarantee – We guarantee that when you choose us, your home will remain free from pests. If pests come back, so will we.

For the best residential pest control services in Berea, SC, contact the professionals at PinPoint Pest Solutions today for your free quote.

Three Spider Prevention Tips Everyone In Berea, SC Ought To Use

Most spiders are completely harmless and can even be beneficial to have around. But that doesn’t mean you want to live in a house full of spiders, either. If you’ve noticed the presence of spiders on your property or just want to keep spiders at bay, here are three prevention tips you can follow:

  1. Eliminate other insects – Controlling the population of ants, flies, and other small insects in your home can impact the presence of spiders. Small insects are the main source of prey for most spiders and often attract spiders into your home.
  2. Reduce moisture – Like all animals, spiders need a reliable water source, and some are particularly attracted to humid environments. Fix any leaky pipes or fixtures and consider installing a dehumidifier.
  3.  Seal points of entry – Inspect your property for any glaring cracks or openings where spiders can get in. Gaps around pipes, wires, and fixtures should be sealed with caulk and any faulty weather stripping should be replaced.

For the most effective spider prevention methods in Berea, SC, contact the experts at PinPoint Pest Solutions. We’ll work with you to eliminate the spiders in your home and prevent new spiders from moving in. Contact us today.

Guide To Avoiding Ant Problems In Berea, SC

Ants can make enjoying time at home in Berea next to impossible. You fear leaving food out for even a few seconds lest an army of ants starts swarming in your kitchen. The good news is, you can avoid ant problems.

  • First, clean up as often as possible. Make sure there are no crumbs, spills, or food scraps around that might attract ants. Dispose of food in a receptacle with a tight-fitting cover and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Make sure that food is stored in sealed containers. If you see ants in your home, store food in plastic, glass, or metal containers to keep ants from getting in.
  • Seal up any points of entry on your property. Gaps around pipes and wires as well as cracks in foundation and tears in screen doors and windows should all be repaired as needed.

Once an ant infestation begins, it can be difficult to control. That’s why you need support from professionals. At PinPoint Pest Solutions, we will get rid of the annoying ants on your property and ensure they don’t return. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.


What Is Attracting Stinging Insects To My Berea, SC Property?

Have you noticed wasps, bees, or hornets on your Berea property lately? You could be inviting stinging insects to your yard without even realizing it. So what’s attracting them to your property?

  • Sweet smells – Wasps and bees are attracted to fruit-bearing trees and flowering plants. Most sweet-smelling vegetation will attract stinging insects; however, plants like citronella, marigolds, and wormwood will repel them.
  • Other insects – Wasps and hornets are avid hunters and need prey to feed their young. If you have a large presence of other insects on your property, it’s likely to attract stinging insects.
  • Food waste – Stinging insects are fond of human garbage. Wasps will feed on leftover meat in the spring and summer season and on juice, soft drinks, and beer in the fall. Keeping food in covered receptacles when outdoors is key.

Unfortunately, you can’t do much to keep stinging insects from inhabiting your property, but professional pest control experts can. For help with stinging insects on your Berea, SC property, get in touch with experts at PinPoint Pest Solutions today.


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