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Greenville Homeowners' Guide To Silverfish Control

June 18, 2020

Of all things that slither, scramble, and crawl, these long-bodied arthropods are the worst of them all.
Silverfish don’t need to do much to send a shiver down our spines. Long, thin, creepy legs, white or grey bodies, and long antennae both on the head and abdomen of the bug create an unsettling picture of a predatory monster just lurking within the bones of your home.

silverfish crawling on a bathroom surface

Silverfish are primarily nocturnal insects, meaning that the bulk of their activities will be accomplished while the rest of us humans are fast asleep. However, dark spaces such as basements, crawlspaces, or garages may prompt silverfish to move about earlier than usual, catching many unwitting homeowners off guard.
Despite their rather predatory or even alien appearance, silverfish are generally harmless arthropods in the Greenville area. Their unsightliness, accompanied by an innate difficulty to eradicate them, tend to be their biggest flaws. Homeowners who have spotted one or two of these creatures scurrying about the home may expect many more to arrive shortly.

Silverfish Prevention Tips For Greenville Homeowners

Thankfully, there are steps Greenville homeowners can take right now to help reduce their chances of incubating a silverfish infestation in the months and years to come.

  • Be sure to address any possible moisture issues that could attract silverfish into the home. Pay attention to leaking pipes, clogged drains, and heightened humidity. Many air moisture issues are quickly dealt with through careful applications of dehumidifiers or desiccant bags.
  • Reduce the clutter in problem areas of the home. Silverfish love to hide in dark, messy spaces. Eradicating harborage zones in the house is a surefire way to make pesky silverfish feel less at home and more inclined to move on to other spaces.
  • Vacuum around the corners of the home with a thin-tip vacuum attachment. If you find any holes, cracks, or gaps that could serve as an entry point are discovered, patch these up with water-proof caulking. If you are uncomfortable attempting this on your own, rely on the help of a professional local contractor.
  • Easily accessible food sources, including bags of flour and sugar, pet food, cereal, and dried beef, should be stored in proper containers and high-up locations. Silverfish may also consume substances like dead insects, glue, paper, and some fabrics. Eliminate their temptation by washing and cleaning the interior of your home often, and checking for underlying pest infestations.

For more helpful silverfish prevention advice, or to speak with a professional pest control specialist about more effective methods of pest prevention, reach out to PinPoint Pest Solutions for a free inspection of your property.

Have No Silverfish Fear, PinPoint Pest Solutions Is Here!

One of the most frustrating things about silverfish is their deep-rooted infestation behavior. Once these pests have settled into their ‘dream’ area, they will take quite a bit of convincing to finally remove. This is one of the reasons why partnering with a professional pest control company like PinPoint Pest Solutions is an important step in silverfish prevention for the long run.

The most effective way to get rid of a silverfish infestation is to contact professional pest control agents. We have valuable experience dealing with the pests in your area. Give PinPoint Pest Solutions a call today to schedule your next home visit, or fill out the online contact form to connect with a helpful service agent right away. Our knowledgeable staff members are eagerly awaiting your call, and are equipped to serve our Greenville patrons with the highest quality of skill, speed, and service.

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