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Greenville's Ultimate Termite Prevention Handbook

March 15, 2021

If pests were judged by how well they can stay out of sight, termites would be A tier. These small insects are amazing at invading homes and staying completely undetected. They are also good at staying out of sight as they cause problems. Most often it isn’t until years after termites invade a home that homeowners start noticing signs of their presence. To help you spot and handle these destructive pests around your Greenville property, here is a handy prevention guide to use.

termites damaging wood in a building

What Are Termites 

Several different species of termites live around the world, but only thee that are common to our area; Formosan termites, dry wood termites, and subterranean termites. Of these three, subterranean termites are most likely to cause trouble around your home. These invasive and damaging pests use tunnel underground to get close to homes and often invade structural wood straight from exterior soil. 
One thing you should know about subterranean termites is that they only invade softened wood that is water damaged, rotting, or in decay. The kicker is, it takes 10+ years for a home to experience these deteriorations, and you might not notice it until it’s too late.

How Destructive Are Termites

Termites cost U.S. property owners roughly five billion dollars each year. Termites cause this much damage to properties not by how fast they destroy wood, but how silently they do so. It takes a fully mature colony of termites roughly six months to eat the equivalent of a 2 x 4 worth of wood. More often than not, these pests aren’t found around a property until years after their initial infestation. That is plenty of time to deal with a considerable amount of property damage and build up a sizable repair bill for you.

Things That Draw Termites To Properties

Tasty structural wood isn’t the only thing that attracts termites to properties. These pests also love wet cardboard, leaf piles, dead stumps, fallen trees, and other cellulose-based items. If your yard is littered with organic debris or any wood-based items termites will be more likely to wander closer to your home or business itself. This is typically how infestations begin.

Ways To Prevent Termites

Properties that don’t have termites don’t have to have termites. If you take some time now, there are some ways to deter these pests from settling down and causing damage. Here are some great prevention tips our experts recommend you try:

  • Eliminate organic and wood-based debris such as cardboard, leaf piles, sticks, and newspaper from your yard.
  • Remove dead stumps, fallen trees, and water damaged lumber from your property.
  • Eliminate areas of water build up around your property.
  • Make sure your gutters are clean and flowing properly.
  • Fix leaky piping and fixtures around your home.
  • Fill in holes and gaps in your home or business’s exterior using high-quality caulk.
  • Make sure there is a non-wood barrier between exterior soil and the wood of your home or business.
  • Avoid using wood-based mulch within 30 feet of your home or business’s exterior.

How A Professional Handles Termites

At Pinpoint Professional Pest Control, we offer a variety of comprehensive treatments for termites. From pre-construction termite control to year-round termite protection, our team offers everything your property needs to fight back against these invasive and damaging pests. We also offer detailed inspections to identify termite infestations early in their development.
Reach out to our team today to discuss treatment options, inspection scheduling, and find out why Pinpoint is at the cutting edge of professional pest control.

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