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How Do Mice Get Into Greenville Homes In The First Place?

December 15, 2020

South Carolina is home to Greenville, with its hot and humid summers, and short, cool winters. It’s a bustling metropolis with lovely art centers, a rich history, and a rapidly-growing population. Whether you’ve lived in Greenville for years, or you’re looking to move to the city, you’re wondering about how to keep your home safe from pests and rodents. Mice are a common rodent that can get into any house. These little critters may seem cute and harmless, but they can cause a lot of damage to your Greenville home. Learn more about mice and how to prevent them from endangering your family and your belongings.

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Spotting House Mice In Your Greenville Home

It’s easy to believe that mice only invade dirty houses. If you keep your Greenville home nice and neat, it’s still possible to find one or several mice scurrying around your hallways. House mice are small, about 2 1/2 to 3 3/4 inches long with a tail of equal length. They have a coat that ranges in color from brown to grey with a cream-colored belly.  If you don’t see them running around, then you may hear them squeaking somewhere. It can be a shock to discover these visitors in your home, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how they behave. Let’s take a look at what attracts mice and how to eliminate them.

  • Food: Like any rodent or animal, mice want and need food. Your kitchen is a goldmine for them. Accidental food left on the floor or the simple smell of a meal can attract hungry mice. Food and water are both equally enticing to any wandering mouse looking for a place to stay. You may not notice those leftovers that have made their way behind the fridge out of your view. These are common offenders for bringing mice into your home.
  • Warmth: The desire to stay warm is something we all share, including mice. Whether they’re escaping the short winters or hiding away from a storm outside, house mice want to keep warm. Your insulated home is like a getaway for them. If they can stay inside and keep themselves fed, they’re going to stick around for a while.
  • Shelter: Mice enjoy safety. They can chew up your belongings to make a nest for themselves. If you spot a mouse in your home, and you don’t see it again for a while, it probably isn’t gone. Cluttered areas like attics make perfect hiding spots for any mice looking to avoid annoyed homeowners.

Once they’re in your home, mice can make themselves visible in other ways. Even if you don’t spot them directly, it’s possible to find their urine or droppings on your floors. Through those droppings, house mice can spread harmful diseases such as salmonellosis and listeria. These can be dangerous for you and your family, especially once the mice begin breeding and spreading across your Greenville home. One mouse is bad enough. Dealing with a full-blown infestation can cause major problems.

How Mice Get Into Your Greenville Home

We’ve looked at what attracts mice to any home. But how do they get inside in the first place? Mice don’t exactly walk in through the front door. They find other ways to get in, such as through minor holes and other openings in your walls and flooring. Any sort of gap in your home’s foundation is a welcome sign to these small rodents. Mice have skeletons designed to fit through small holes, and they're able to fit themselves through just about anything. If you see a hole in your wall that’s ¾ of an inch, or the size of a dime, then a mouse could get in there. Mice can also chew into wiring or other objects limiting their entry.
There are a few ways to prevent mice from getting inside your Greenville home. Keeping your space clean from clutter, especially your kitchen and attic, will go a long way. Proper food and trash storage are essential. If you have pets, cleaning up their food from the floor will also help. For mice holes, it’s possible to seal these with steel wool and silicone caulking. Classic mouse traps are another easy solution. But you may not know if mice are still in your home, even if you manage to catch one or two. You could still have a whole infestation on your hands. Luckily, our team of professionals at PinPoint Pest has the solutions you need!

Getting Rid Of Mice With PinPoint Pest

House mice may be common, but you don’t have to deal with them forever. PinPoint Pest are experts at locating mice, removing them from your Greenville home, and preventing rodents from getting back inside. Why deal with the headache of getting rid of mice when we can do it for you? Our professionals are ready to help keep your home safe from pesky mice. and other unwanted pests. Whether you're looking for year-round pest control or a one-time visit, we have the services you need. Contact us today to learn more about our mouse control options to give you and your family some peace of mind.

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