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The Trick To Keeping Cockroaches Out Of Your Greenville Home

February 15, 2021

Cockroaches are such nasty pests that, by the time you notice them around your property, they can expose you to harmful health risks and property damage. Only by learning how to prevent their populations in the first place can you manage the problems that cockroaches cause.

cockroach crawling indoors

What Everyone Should Know About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are insects that are almost parasitically attached to human activity. As foragers and bottom-feeders, cockroaches thrive off the waste that people create. They also find no end to shelter and access thanks to the many voids that can be found in homes and businesses. Whether you’re talking about walls, vents, or storage areas like basements and crawl spaces, cockroaches can hide and nest for a long time without you even noticing them. By the time the signs of an infestation are obvious, cockroaches have likely already caused property damage and exposed you to harmful diseases and parasites. That’s why it’s important to be preventative when it comes to pest control. Keeping up on early control measures is a lot easier and cheaper than having to address a cockroach problem that’s already dug in.

Reducing Your Risk Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are attracted to human properties because they provide food, water, and shelter. Reducing the access to and prevalence of these factors is the only way to truly reduce your risk of pest problems. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Food storage: Cockroaches can attack stored food by chewing through packaging or squeezing through holes and tears. Not only do you need to store your food in secure locations and containers, but you also need to frequently deep clean for crumbs and spills that might accumulate. 
  • Moisture control: Cockroaches like moist areas, meaning it’s important to address leaky pipes or poor ventilation early on.
  • Clutter: Cockroaches often nest inside of storage containers or other items that we keep in dark, damp areas of our property. Reduce these potential breeding grounds by reducing clutter and frequently clearing out and inspecting these locations.

Cockroach Prevention For Your Home

Those are all good ways to reduce attracting factors that bring cockroaches to your property, but these pests can survive on scraps if they find ways inside. Simply put, shelter alone is enough to attract cockroaches, so you need to make your structures inaccessible to pests looking for a way inside. Here are ways to seal off potential access points:

  • Cracks & holes: Cockroaches can flatten their bodies to access even the tightest of spots. That means you need to check your exterior walls and foundation routinely and make repairs where necessary. 
  • Windows & doors: Torn screens or gaps below a door can also provide easy access for pests. Maintain your window and door screens and install sweeps to reduce gaps below your door.
  • Treatments: Only professionally administered treatments can completely ward off cockroaches and other insects that might invade. Learn how your local pest services can help by contacting us today.

The Real Trick: Professional Service

While these kinds of prevention measures can give you a fighting chance at avoiding cockroaches, it should be noted that these aren’t solutions and do-it-yourself measures are not guaranteed to work. The only true method of cockroach prevention is routine, professional pest control. At PinPoint Pest Solutions, we can help you with early cockroach prevention or the timely removal of current populations. Let us get started on an inspection of your home, rooting out pests or the things that might attract them. We’ll work with your time and budget to make sure you never have to deal with the serious problems that pests like cockroaches can cause. Rather than wait on proper control, get started today by contacting PinPoint Pest Solutions.

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