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Who Else In Greenville Wants To Know The Secret To Effective Wasp Control?

July 16, 2020

Much unlike their humble, fuzzy cousins, these aggravating aerial aces are dangerous members of your Greenville backyard.

a wasp tending to its nest

Wasps are no strangers to the Carolinas, nor are they unfamiliar with the process of stinging unfortunate passersby. Here in Greenville, we are home to all sorts of dangerous varieties, including:

  • Mud Wasps
  • Paper Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Yellowjackets

Although wasps are very beneficial to the environment, they can be very dangerous to have about the property. A wasp sting is a painful affair and may leave victims with aches and pains for days to come. Some species can sting and inject venom multiple times, becoming a real threat even to those who aren't allergic. Those that are allergic may be at even greater risk, with anaphylactic shock and potential hospitalization always on the horizon.
Unless wasps are dealt with quickly and at the beginning of their infestation, homeowners may have quite the fight on their hands to ensure complete and proper removal.

Wasp Prevention Tips For Greenville Homeowners

A wasp is a wasp is a wasp: at first glance, that is. But what if we told you that there are tried and true prevention techniques that unlock the secrets to effect wasp control? Here are a few of them below.

  • Just like us, wasps simply love easy-to-access foods. Proteins, fats, and sweets are a couple of their favorites, many of which are staples in the average American backyard cookout. Clean up after each and every outdoor picnic, taking care to dispatch all crumbs into a plastic bag or garbage can.
  • Store all trash in a strong outdoor bin. Remove garbage bags in the home often, switching out the bags at least once a week.
  • Rotting fruit underneath fruit trees could be attracting wasps to your area. Dispose of rotted fruits frequently, and take great care while near the area.
  • One of the best ways to make the property less appealing to wasps looking to nest is to have on-going pest services with a reputable company such as PinPoint Pest Solutions.

Of course, attempting to remove a wasp nest on your own can be quite dangerous.

Professionals do not recommend that homeowners try to eliminate or extract wasp nests on their own, or without expert assistance. Painful stings, allergic reactions, and occasional serious health concerns may put you and your family at great risk.

Curious about how expert pest technicians remove wasp nests without fear? Get a free home inspection through PinPoint Pest Solutions now when you call your nearest  Greenville office today.

Stinger Problem? Not A Problem! (With PinPoint Pest Solutions, That Is)

Wasps, hornets, and other forms of stinging insects can pose a scary threat to both the ones you love and your tranquil backyard. But remember: worrying today does not stop pests from coming home tomorrow. To combat wasps at the earliest stage of infestation, homeowners are urged to seek regular pest control visits through a trusted pest control technician.
For more advice or assistance related to the prevention of wasps in the yard, contact the professionals at PinPoint Pest Solutions right away. With years of experience battling buggy backyards and wasp infestations, our agents can safely address the pests in your lawn in little more than a few hours. Get your inspection, protection, and regular services today when you call into the main office of PinPoint Pest Solutions now.

Need more immediate service? Reach out to us online using a convenient online contact form, or chat with us through the embedded text tool right away. Whittle away at your wasp infestation with the professionals at PinPoint Pest Solutions today!

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