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Why Ants Invade Greenville Homes & How To Keep Them Out

May 14, 2021

It is easy to accomplish big things when you have enough people working together. Unfortunately, ants have caught on to the same idea. Just one of these little pests doesn’t have the power to steal a whole cake, but a thousand do. If you regularly have trouble with these invasive insects stealing food and causing trouble around your Greenville home, here are some simple strategies to keep them out.

fire ants crawling on a bench

Learn More About Ants

Ants are fascinating creatures that cause many problems around homes. Around Greenville, there are a few different species of ants. Although similar in size, appearance, and behavior, each poses issues in its unique ways. Here is a basic breakdown of some common area ants you should know about.
Red Imported Fire Ants: A red imported fire ant is 1.4 to 5 mm long, reddish-black, and boasts a distinct stinger and set of powerful mandibles. Found mainly outside around homes, these painful pests cause trouble with their protective nature and painful stings.
Pharaoh Ants: A Pharoah ant is 2 mm long and yellow. Although its behaviors are similar to that of other area ants, this pest poses a unique threat with its ability to carry and spread diseases to humans.
Pavement Ants: A pavement ant is 2.5 to 3 mm long and dark-colored with appendages lighter than its main body. Most commonly found nesting around paved areas, this pest will come inside to find food or to build a nest when exterior conditions are unfavorable.
Carpenter Ants: The carpenter ant is one of the largest pest ants in our area and grows to be sometimes 15 mm long. Identify this insect by its reddish-black body and large mandibles. As its name suggests, this pest commonly invades the wood of homes to build intricate nests. These nests are extremely damaging to structural integrity and often lead to thousands of dollars in home repair costs.
Although different in size, appearance, and behavior, all ants invade a home for at least one of three reasons: to scavenge for food, to find shelter, or to build a shelter.

Some Practical Ways To Prevent Ants

Because ants invade homes in a variety of ways, you must be thorough with the prevention steps you implement. To decrease your chances of an ant infestation this spring and fall, here are some great places to start:

  • Keep your yard clean and well maintained.
  • Eliminate sources of water build up around your property.
  • Address damage to your home’s water piping, fixtures, and gutters.
  • Fill in small openings in your home’s exterior foundation using a caulk gun.
  • Repair broken window/door screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps.
  • Thoroughly clean your home and do your best to keep it clean.
  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.

To ensure ants stay out of your home, or to get fire ants off your property, let the experts at PinPoint Pest Solutions help. Our team is committed to helping homeowners around Greenville keep pests out of their homes by providing only the highest-tier pest control services.
Contact us today to find an amazing solution to your ant problems and schedule a time to have your home inspected for other pest problems.

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