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Why Having Cockroaches In Your Greenville Home Is Worse Than You Think

August 14, 2020

Most Greenville residents would probably agree that having cockroaches inside their home or business would be awful. The critters are hideous and they multiply very quickly. In the blink of an eye, you could have a takeover on your hands. Cockroaches are tough to get rid of too. Unfortunately, that isn’t the worst of it. While not all subspecies are capable of destroying property, like the wood roach, all cockroaches in Greenville can spread disease.

an american cockrroach in a basement of a home

Home and business owners need to be diligent about their cockroach control. Their loved ones, customers, and/or employees could get sick from exposure. For an entrepreneur, insects could mean a shut-down and/or loss of profit. Learn more about the risks, and how PinPoint Pest Solutions can help save you from them.

What Are The Dangers of Cockroaches?

By default, cockroaches have harmful bacteria on their bodies. The amount skyrockets as they wriggle through pipes, sewers, trash, filth, and more. They have spines on their legs that pick up debris and germs. When they crawl on your food or interior surfaces, they contaminate it. Tainting is certain when they let out saliva, urine, and feces. This can cause the following:

  • Exposure to pathogens
  • E. Coli
  • Salmonella
  • Viruses
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Allergic responses
  • Asthmatic reactions
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

These are just some of the possible issues. American, German, and oriental cockroaches are the most common in the United States. The maximum size of an American specimen is three inches. They are mahogany. German bugs range from 1/2 to ⅝ of an inch long. Their brown or tan bodies have horizontal stripes on the head. The young have these markings too, but they are all black. Oriental cockroaches grow to be an inch long, with shiny reddish-brown or black bodies.

Three major infestation signs are seeing droppings, finding eggs, and smelling odors. American cockroach feces have ridges. They also have blunted ends. German droppings will look like pepper. These are often found on surfaces and around floor corners, door frames, drawers, and ceiling fixtures. The same goes for eggs. Check your kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Cockroach seeds vary in color from brown or black, to red or tan. They can be 1/4 of an inch long, or reach a full inch. As for scents, these pests cultivate a “musty” one with the communication chemicals they release. It can change the flavoring of food they come into contact with but becomes more noticeable the larger an infestation becomes.

How Can We Prevent Cockroaches?

You can reduce the chances of having a roach problem if you take these steps:

  • Roaches can get through any size hole, so seal openings around doors, windows, walls, and utilities.
  • Add sweeps to all exterior doors.
  • Have leaks and moisture issues repaired to cut off a roach’s water supply.
  • Regularly take out the trash and wash your dishes.
  • Place food and garbage in containers with tight lids.
  • Clean food messes up right away.
  • Groom greenery and distance it from your building.
  • Check plants, packages, and bags before bringing them indoors.

What Can PinPoint Pest Solutions Do About Cockroaches?

At the first indication of roaches, you might consider purchasing a retail insecticide or trap. This isn’t a good idea. Many commercial products are too weak or strong. When it’s the latter, it could be a hazardous situation. Not to mention, you could misunderstand the instructions and use it incorrectly. Spare yourself the hassle and money, and call PinPoint Pest Solutions.

We use potent, but safe products designed to exterminate roaches. We’ll identify and manage entry points, so there isn’t a recurrence. Our services are comprehensive and consist of advanced treatments. Get your place back from these gross creatures! Call us today!

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