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Mosquito Control

Are Mosquitoes Taking Over Your Greenville Property?

Spending time outdoors is refreshing both physically and mentally, but when you spend the entire time swatting away mosquitoes, it’s anything but enjoyable. Furthermore, mosquitoes are dangerous pests that spread a number of serious illnesses. If your property is being taken over by these tiny pests, it’s time to take it back. PinPoint Pest Solutions offers mosquito control services to help you get back to enjoying your yard.

Our Mosquito Control Offerings

mosquito on a person

PinPoint Pest Solutions’ mosquito control is a monthly service that is available during mosquito season, from April through October. We use a backpack fogger to treat all lawn and landscape areas within the livable portions of your lawn. This includes the lawn, trees, shrubs, and other shaded areas where mosquitoes rest during the day. We also treat standing water with a larvicide to eliminate mosquito eggs and larvae. These treatments take just 15-30 minutes to complete.

All active customers receive our service guarantee. If necessary, we will return to your home to provide one free re-treatment in between service visits.

We also offer one-time mosquito control treatments for special occasions. If you have an outdoor event coming up, such as a wedding, concert, or party, we’ll perform a treatment prior to the event to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone who attends.

A Safe, Enjoyable Yard Starts With PinPoint Pest Solutions

If mosquitoes have been keeping you inside, it’s time to take action. PinPoint Pest Solutions will get the mosquito populations on your property under control so that you can enjoy your Greenville yard again without worry of bites or diseases. Contact us to schedule your first home pest control service visit today.


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